The International Court of Justice of The Hague, the UN supreme court of justice, issued the 6th of June its sentence on the preliminary exceptions France introduced within the frame of the case related to immunities and penal prosecutions against Paris

The verdict could not be more explicit, our country took a clear advantage on France as three of the four issues raised were considered in favor of Equatorial Guinea, despite the numerous attempts of France to demonstrate that the ICJ were not competent to resolve this dispute between the both countries. The Court therefore issued a definitive and constraining resolution that clearly states that the ICJ remained the competent body in this matter; based on the Facultative Protocol of the Vienna Convention which rules the International Relations.

Referring to the residential building located at the avenue de Foch 42 in Paris, priorly seized by the French Justice, the ICJ magistrates rejected the preliminary exception of France demanding the Court to declare itself incompetent to establish the building’s property.

The ICJ also rejected the third preliminary objection introduced by France and declared with fourteen voices against one, that the case introduced by Equatorial Guinea before the International Court was due to an abuse of a procedure.

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the Netherlands and the agent of our country during this trial before the ICJ, Carmelo Nvono Ncá did not want to make any statement, he just said that any equatoguinean citizen would have done the same: defending our country’s interests and our rights as a sovereign country. He then concluded by saying that “the credit is not mine, but the one of the equatoguinean’s people who enjoys genuine Independence that will never be sold.

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