Labor Day was celebrated with great activity by the Diplomatic Mission in Brussels. Our Minister of Commerce, Hon. Mr. Pedro Olivera Boropu, arrived in the Belgian capital accompanied by a delegation, to participate in the Council of Ministers of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP), which will begin on May 3 at the General Secretariat of the Group, located in Brussels.

At this important meeting, Equatorial Guinea will present the official responses that the ACP Group has formulated to continue advancing in the possible election of our country as the headquarters of the South-South and Triangular ACP Cooperation.

Given the importance of this Council of Ministers, the team at the Embassy in Brussels, including the Ambassador, Don Carmelo Nvono-Ncá; and the delegation from the Ministry of Commerce, led by Mr. Olivera Boropu, worked throughout the entire day on May 1 to prepare the response dossier.

The final decision on the candidacy of Equatorial Guinea is expected to be taken at the last Council of Ministers of the year, around December.

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