The First Secretary of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Silvestre Oyono, has participated in the meetings of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, which have taken place virtually. The importance of this international Assembly lies in being the only one in the world that regularly brings together representatives from different countries, with the aim of promoting North-South interdependence.

The organization of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (OEACP) has among its network of operating bodies this ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly to bring together the representatives of the European Union, through the members of the European Parliament, with representatives of the OEACP. The role of this House has been strengthened since the entry into force of the Treaty on European Union and the enlargement of the latter.

Throughout the virtual meeting, the members reviewed the main points on which the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly focuses its work, such as the promotion of human rights and democracy and the values ​​common to humanity that have been the subject of common commitments in the framework of the United Nations conferences.

Likewise, Silvestre Oyono, days after the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, also participated in the 56th session of the OEACP Parliamentary Assembly, in which commissions were developed to evaluate the main points of operation of the institution: Political Affairs, Economic Development, Finance and Trade and Social Affairs.

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