During the month of July, the Brussels-based Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea , Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has amongst other tasks held various meetings with his latino counterparts and colleagues.

As the sole Spanish speaking country in Africa, Equatorial Guinea remains best positioned to become a solid bridge between South-America and Africa. As far as their economies are concerned, both regions enjoy from foreign investments, a renewed trade thanks to thriving sectors such as tourism, knowledge transfer and cultural wealth, the link binding both regions is today more than ever necessary to maintain and strengthen. Equatorial Guinea holds the virtues from both regions and is to be considered as the best option to stimulate the relationships between both continents.

Therefore, the Brussels-based ambassador of Equatorial Guinea met his various Latin American counterparts from Salvador, the Ambassador Julia Emma Villaroto Tario; from Bolivia, the Ambassador Nestor Gabriele Bellavite Terceros; from Argentina, ambassador Pablo Ariel Grispun and the one from Paraguay, the ambassador Rigoberto Pedro Gauto Vielman.

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