Since he took office, in 2012, the Brussels-based Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has always paid great attention to the media impact, the way media cover and report correctly the activities of the Diplomatic Mission.

Therefore, one of the first actions he developed as Ambassador at that time was to become a member of the prestigious Press Club Europe, the main communication platform in Brussels that brings together journalists and international correspondents, as well as Embassies, permanent representations before the EU, NGOs, lobbies and think tanks.

Last week Nvono-Ncá met with the Director of this important body, Lauren Brihay, with whom he updated objectives and reviewed new ways to continue visualizing the modern image of Equatorial Guinea, as well as all the progresses that have been achieved over the last years. Through press conferences, round tables, debates and networking with the most influential journalists in the Belgian capital, the Ambassador in Brussels has managed in recent years to transform the image of the country and maintain a media attention at the top of his agenda.

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