Guinea Ecuatorial y Bielorrusia

The delegations of Equatorial Guinea and Belarus met at the People’s Palace of Malabo, where Their Excellencies Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Alexandr Lukschenko formalized the Road Map for Development Cooperation between both countries.

The delegation of Equatorial Guinea included several Government Ministers, covering areas such as Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion, Public Works, Interior and Local Corporations, Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Diaspora, Health and Social Welfare, Foreign Security, National Defense and Agriculture and Rural Development. The Belarusian delegation was made up of ministers from various areas, totaling twelve members.

The Roadmap, a key legal instrument, comprises six Memorandums of Understanding covering topics such as environmental sanitation, toxic waste, industrial infrastructure, public works, historical documentation, and technical assistance for electrical infrastructure, among others.

Additional agreements between Equatorial Guinea and Belarus

In addition, additional agreements were signed, including a Techno-Military Cooperation Roadmap for the five-year period 2023-2028, collaboration in tourism, science and technology, customs matters, and various tax and investment agreements.

Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko stressed the importance of economic collaboration to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of a country. Minsk, he assured, does not seek to impose anything and advocates a bipolar world.

Both countries highlighted their shared values, peaceful coexistence and mutual respect, reaffirming their commitment to multilateralism and the peaceful resolution of disputes. For the effective implementation of these agreements, a mixed commission was created, whose first meeting took place in Malabo.

The day concluded with an exchange of gifts between the presidents of Equatorial Guinea and Belarus, thus marking the beginning of a strengthened collaboration between both nations.

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