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In an elegant corner of Waterloo, the Official Residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Belgium, Miguel Oyono Ndong Mifumu, illuminated with the warmth of diplomacy and friendship this past Wednesday. The occasion: a special reception commemorating the delivery of Credential Letters of the Ambassador to His Majesty the King of Belgium, officially accrediting him as the representative of Equatorial Guinea in the Kingdom of Belgium.

The evening was much more than a protocol event; it was a meeting between nations, a bridge that connected Equatorial Guinea with its African neighbors and the Equatoguinean community in Belgium. The reception featured the prominent presence of two ambassadors from neighboring countries: the Ambassador of Cameroon and the dean of the African diplomatic corps in Belgium, Daniel Evina Abe’e, and the Ambassador of Gabon, Serge Mickoto.

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In addition, the distinguished group was joined by entrepreneur Lokman Sever, whose presence added a special touch of dynamism and business collaboration to the evening.

Ambassador Oyono, alongside his wife, Mrs. Faustina Asumu Angue, welcomed their distinguished guests with the characteristic hospitality of Equatorial Guinea. The residence, imbued with the culture and elegance of the African country, became the perfect setting to strengthen ties and promote mutual understanding between the present nations.

The reception on the occasion of the delivery of Credential Letters was not only a testament to diplomacy in action but also a tribute to the rich cultural diversity represented by the Equatoguinean community in Belgium. Members of the colony, proud of their heritage, joined the celebration, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Throughout the evening, experiences were shared, hands were shaken, and toasts were made to the enduring friendship between Equatorial Guinea and its neighboring countries. Ambassador Oyono expressed his gratitude for the presence of the ambassadors, entrepreneur Lokman Sever, and thanked the Equatoguinean community for their ongoing support and commitment.

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The reception on the occasion of the delivery of Credential Letters marked the beginning of a new chapter in bilateral relations between Equatorial Guinea and Belgium, setting a precedent for future diplomatic encounters where camaraderie, business collaboration, and mutual understanding will take center stage.

In summary, Ambassador Oyono’s Residence became the epicenter of diplomacy, friendship, and business ties, demonstrating that beyond protocol formalities, the spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding is the true engine driving international relations. May this reception be the start of a fruitful and enriching stage for all nations involved.

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