David Pijuán Nguema

The Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels wishes to publicly address the recent incident related to the temporary disappearance of Equatorial Guinean citizen David Pijuán Nguema during, somewhere between Germany and Belgium. It is important to refute some widespread comments that suggest that the Embassy has ignored the case, since this does not reflect the reality of our actions.

First of all, we wish to emphasize that the Embassy was informed of this case through a citizen residing in Equatorial Guinea. Immediately, this Embassy contacted David’s relatives, including his sister who resides in Madrid and his uncle who resides in Belgium. Despite commitments from these relatives to provide more details about the disappearance, this Embassy did not obtain any further updates on the situation.

The protection and assistance to our colony abroad is one of the main missions of this Embassy. We are committed to being available and providing support to our citizens in emergency or difficult situations, provided they inform us appropriately. Despite the limitations imposed by the lack of complete information from David Pijuán Nguema’s family, we have done everything possible to understand the situation and offer any means at our disposal to help.

We are pleased to report that David Pijuán Nguema has been found safe and sound, and we are relieved that everything ended well. We want to take this opportunity to send a strong greeting of support to the entire family in these difficult times.

Finally, we are aware that the temporary closure of the Embassy building due to repair works may cause certain logistical inconveniences. However, we want to assure our community that our team continues to work at maximum performance on regular tasks. Since taking office, Ambassador Miguel Oyono Ndong Mifumu has prioritized the modernization and improvement of our facilities to ensure that we can discharge our responsibilities effectively.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience during this period of construction. We remain committed to protecting and assisting our neighborhood and are available for any questions or needs you may have.


Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels


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