Cartas Credenciales al Rey de Bélgica

In a state event at the highest level, Ambassador Miguel Oyono Ndong Mifumu of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has officially assumed his role as representative to the Kingdom of Belgium. On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, he presented his Credential Letters to the King of Belgium, His Majesty King Philippe, in a ceremony that combined elegance and protocol.

Leading members of the Royal Household entourage, led by General Doumont, visited the Ambassador’s Official Residence in Brussels during the morning, with the aim of providing minute details about the ceremony and guiding the diplomat through each step of this momentous diplomatic event.

The presentation of the Credential Letters to the King of Belgium, a formal and symbolic act, marks the official beginning of the Ambassador’s service in his new position. King Philippe received Ambassador Oyono, as well as the Second Secretary of the Embassy, Beatriz Obama Mbengono, and the Administrative Attaché, Federico Bang Nvo Okenve, highlighting the importance of relations between both nations.

This crucial event not only represents the beginning of a new stage in bilateral relations between Equatorial Guinea and Belgium, but also highlights Ambassador Oyono’s commitment to strengthening diplomatic ties and fostering cooperation between both nations.

The Embassy looks forward to contributing to the mutual understanding and joint development of Equatorial Guinea and Belgium in this exciting new chapter.


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