Condolencias a Chad

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in the Kingdom of Belgium, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has traveled to the Embassy of Chad in Brussels to sign the book of condolences of the recently deceased Chadian President, Idriss Déby. With his condolences to Chad, Nvono-Ncá wanted to convey all his support to the country in these difficult times.

Just a few days ago, Ambassador Nvono-Ncá traveled to the same Embassy to have a productive meeting with his Chadian counterpart, Mahamat Mamadou Addy. Proving the excellent relations between the two countries, in this meeting Nvono-Ncá placed special emphasis on the need to strengthen the institutions of Central Africa in the face of external challenges.

Condolencias a Chad. Embajadores conversan

Unfortunately, days after that meeting, the loss of the president of Chad, who died as a result of injuries sustained while fighting at the head of his troops against a rebel armed group in the north of the country, has had to be mourned. The Chadian president had just been reelected to his post for a sixth term after winning the elections held on April 11 with 79.32% of the votes.

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