Elecciones de Colombia

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has had the honor of having been accredited as an international observer in the Colombian Elections, which took place last Sunday, May 29.

He has done so within the delegation of the Ibero-American Jurists Association (ASJURIB), of which Equatorial Guinea is a member. One of the specializations of this important association is Electoral Observation, a mission that is carried out through different member Ibero-American Jurists and Citizens, experts in the field, such as Ambassador Nvono-Ncá.

Ambassador Nvono-Ncá had already participated in other important electoral observation missions, such as the Elections in Peru and the Elections in Bolivia.

A successful mission

The observation mission of the Colombian Elections turned out to be a complete success and all the members of this Committee of Experts carried out the appropriate follow-up to verify all the principles of transparency, good governance and citizen participation, through the media, networks and the links provided by the authorities of the corresponding electoral commissions.

A second round of the Colombian Elections will take place on June 19.

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