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The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, ends his term in Brussels, after eleven years of excellent career as Ambassador in the capital of Europe.

The news was confirmed last week by presidential decree and the until now Ambassador in Brussels will soon take command of the diplomatic mission in Paris, the French capital. His career as Ambassador in Brussels has been full of successes, thanks to his commitment and constant work to give birth to the image of progress and development that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is today.

A career as Ambassador full of successes

Successes such as the participation, for the first time in history, of Equatorial Guinea in a plenary session of the European Parliament in 2012. An unusual act where, for the first time, an African Ambassador voluntarily submitted to the harsh opinions of the European Parliament. The result was a vote of confidence in favor of the policies of the Government of Obiang Nguema by the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. Another of the great successes of his career in Brussels was the organization in Equatorial Guinea of the VII Summit of the OEACP in 2012, classified as the summit with the highest attendance of Heads of State and Government in the history of the organization.

Nvono-Ncá observador elecciones de Bolivia
Nvono-Ncá signs a partnership agreement with ASJURIB

Also, the successful mission of President Obiang to Brussels in 2014, where he developed a high-level agenda with the most important institutions present in the Belgian capital, including his historic conference at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels. The intense negotiations of Ambassador Nvono-Ncá opened the door of the solemn Spanish cultural institution for the first time to a Head of State who was not the King of Spain. Nvono-Ncá, in his career as Ambassador in Brussels, also led the negotiations that culminated in the delivery of international recognition to President Obiang by the Society for International Studies (SEI), whose honorary president is His Majesty King Juan Charles I of Spain.

This institution has not been the only one to recognize the merits of President Obiang under the mandate of Nvono-Ncá, since the Ambassador managed to get the OEACP to award him an award in 2016 for the international leadership that he develops and that is showing itself more and more solidly . This is the only time in the entire history of this body that it has awarded an international prize to a President or an authority.

In August 2016, the mediation of Nvono-Ncá allowed the Secretary General of the Court of Auditors of the European Union, Eduardo Ruiz García, based in Luxembourg, to travel to Equatorial Guinea to advise the Ministry of Economy and Finance and discuss related issues. with the launch of the Court of Accounts in Equatorial Guinea.

In the same way, the dedication and constant work of Ambassador Nvono-Ncá have also led him to hold the important responsibility of representing Equatorial Guinea in four cases before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, as well as negotiating for almost Eight years ago, the opening in Equatorial Guinea of the first South-South Cooperation Office in the world, which today is operational in Malabo.

A career as Ambassador full of recognitions

The hard work of Nvono-Ncá, in his career as Ambassador, has been reflected in unprecedented results in the history of Equatorial Guinea. Thus, in 2019 he managed to get the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) to become an observer member of the International of Center Democratic Parties (IDC-CDI), a strong international association made up of the most influential Christian-Democratic and Social-Christian political parties around the world.

Cooperación técnica con la UE
Nvono-Ncá has maintained a close dialogue with the European Union

For its part, in 2020, and after months of negotiations, Equatorial Guinea signed a historic pre-agreement of association with the Association of Ibero-American Jurists, whose purpose is the search, study, promotion and encouragement of “Ibero-American Integration”, both nationally and internationally, in any sector directly or indirectly related to the world of law.

In December 2022, Nvono-Ncá managed to sign an agreement with the EU to advise and assist Equatorial Guinea, with the aim of removing its airlines from the EU aviation blacklist. For his part, he managed to sign a fishing agreement with the General Directorate of Fisheries of the EU, through which it was possible to create and draft the current fishing law in Equatorial Guinea.

A career as Ambassador that stands out for his tireless work that he has also developed during two years of negotiations that managed to culminate, this month of January 2023, in the Advisory Agreement of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, to facilitate Guinea Equatorial can ratify international maritime conventions. Likewise, he has considerably increased the country’s presence before the World Customs Organization, making Equatorial Guinea a full member of the organization in January 2022.

A record of successes, in a career as Ambassador, which have earned him international recognition on several occasions, being awarded the prize for Best Ambassador of the European Union by the Dutch Magazine “The Voice Magazine”, named Royal Knight of the Association of Knights of the Monastery of Yuste and named Doctor Honoris Causa in Human Rights by the Autonomous University of Morelos, in Mexico.

Nvono-Ncá es nombrado Doctor Honoris Causa
Nvono-Ncá, named Doctor Honoris Causa

«A job that I would never have been able to develop at this level without the collaboration of the Embassy team, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, of course, the good work of my predecessors in office. The only thing I have done has been to get involved and defend and give my best for and for my country, with actions and above all with the utmost loyalty, sacrifice and commitment”, Nvono-Ncá declared, as a finishing touch to his career as Ambassador.

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