Reunión Círculo de Empresarios para África

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the European Union, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has met with Luis de Castro, representative of the Circle of Entrepreneurs for Africa, which aims to be a connecting hub between the European and African business sectors.

Specifically, the representative of the interesting initiative informed Nvono-Ncá about the objectives of the Circle of Entrepreneurs for Africa, which aims to link the business economic interests of the best European businessmen with certain African countries. This new business platform is based in Brussels, with an important subsidiary in Madrid, as a geographical bridge with the African continent.

The Circle of Entrepreneurs for Africa wanted to know the professional opinion of Ambassador Nvono-Ncá given his experience in European business areas, as well as in the field of international relations. The official presentation of this new institution will take place at the end of this year in the capital of Europe.

A Circle of entrepreneurs for Africa, the continent of the future

Africa has been talked about as the continent of the future for years and the truth is that optimistic figures seem to support this promising future. Economic and demographic growth, industrial development and a thriving middle class wanting to consume. Proof of this is that six of the 10 fastest growing economies in 2019 were African, according to estimates by the International Monetary Fund.

“Africa must bet on regional integration and trade liberalization to promote greater economic and social development”.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

If this trajectory continues, Africa can become a great market full of opportunities and one of the last strongholds of globalization, which is why Europe should have it among its favorite partners.

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