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On the 43nd anniversary of Equatorial Guinea Armed Forces Day, the Ambassador in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, wanted to send some emotional words to the President of the Republic, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo:

H.E. Mr. President,

August 3 is always a memorable date in Equatorial Guinea. This year, on the forty-third anniversary of the Freedom Coup, I would once again like to send you our most sincere congratulations from the Diplomatic Mission in Brussels.

On behalf of the Equatorial Guinean Colony residing in the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of Denmark, and on behalf of the entire team of the Diplomatic Mission in Brussels, we would like to wish Your Excellency , to his distinguished family and to all the people of Equatorial Guinea a happy August 3 of this year 2022, in which we celebrate the date on which Equatorial Guinea freed itself from the domination of the First Republic and began to glimpse a whole trajectory of transcendental and positive changes for our Beloved Homeland.

Forty-three years ago, the long-awaited construction of the current democratic State of Law and welfare began in Equatorial Guinea, a Sovereign Nation with a climate of happiness that His Excellency and all his collaborators have been able to implement for all those born in Equatorial Guinea, as well as all those who come to our Beloved Homeland following our example of good coexistence.

From the Embassy in Brussels we address these words to Your Excellency to thank you for the framework of loyalty and security of our country, which is made possible thanks to the permanent commitment of our Armed Forces, to which it is necessary to recognize the modernization that they have undergone, their training continuous, as well as his specialization and professionalism, without forgetting his effort and incessant work, managing to maintain and guarantee the order, security and peace that Equatorial Guinea enjoys and that many countries yearn for.

May the Will of H.E., together with the blessing of God, continue to lead us to the well-being of you and your entire family, as well as the entire People of Equatorial Guinea.

Highest Consideration,


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