Embajador de Guatemala

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, continues his tour of the European capital to inform his counterparts about the pre-electoral situation that is taking place in the country. He now it has been the turn of the Ambassador of Guatemala.

Thus, Nvono-Ncá has met with his Guatemalan counterpart, Ambassador José Gabriel Lambour Peñalonzo, to whom he has shown the indignation of the Equatorial Guinean people for the unjustified and inexplicable death of a police security agent from Equatorial Guinea.

These types of events, which pawn important elections, should not go unpunished.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

Ambassador Nvono-Ncá intends to offer all the information first-hand in some European capitals to the countries and institutions that insistently request that human rights be respected. Likewise, Nvono-Ncá conveyed to the Ambassador of Guatemala that he hopes that the rule of law “acts at the height of the circumstances so that these types of events that tarnish important elections, vital for the near future of Equatorial Guinea, do not go unpunished.”

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