The International Court of Justice, UN’s main judicial institution, delivered a first verdict in the case that opposes our country to France for the defense of Equatorial Guinea’s sovereignty. In this first verdict, the Court insisted on the inviolability of the premises that Equatorial Guinea owns in Paris and that France intended to seize.

After this first success, the Ambassador to Belgium, the Netherlands, the European Union and Turkey, Mr. Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, personally went to the Court’s headquarters in The Hague yesterday to submit the official documentation that supports our nation’s claim, as stipulated in the judicial process by the Court.

As Equatorial Guinea’s agent for the case, the Ambassador handed over the documents to the Secretary General of the Court in person, in accordance with the rules of UNO’s highest judicial institution. The attention of all is now focused on the strategy that our country will deploy in the next steps of the process, after the first historic verdict that was delivered in our favor against the expectations of many.

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