The non-profit association Solidaritynnm held its annual gala on 13 December. The event aimed at raising funds for the financing of a new project that will be launched in 2019 and which will consist in rebuilding a school in Togo for elementary students.

The President of the association personally invited the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, who was accompanied by other Ambassadors, such as Angola’s, Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti, and also the representative from Togo, Kokou Neyo Atsumikoa M’beou.

Ambassador Nvono-Ncá was especially interested by the comprehensive initiative of the NGO in Togo. The project intends to build two more buildings in the primary school, extending its accommodation capacity to a total of 360 students. Therefore, they intend to install latrines, provide teaching materials and adapt several offices for teaching staff. The project will be carried out in a five years period in order to ensure the proper functioning of the school, which will have modern and ecological operating techniques, such as solar panels to generate electricity from the center. In addition, considerable efforts will be dedicated to pursue objectives such as the progressive increase of students and the promotion of schooling for women. The entire project will be developed in collaboration with the Togo- based association Mirlinda, a NGO created by the Togolese singer of the same name, who delighted all the guests of the gala with a beautiful musical performance.

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