Carmelo Nvon-Nca prensa europea

H.E Mr. President,

On the occasion of this memorable date, the emotional day of your 79th birthday on June 5, I would like to send you on behalf of the Equatorial Guinean colony residing in the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of Denmark, as well as that of the staff of the Brussels Diplomatic Mission, our most sincere and affectionate congratulations on your 79th birthday.

This is an ideal opportunity to thank his Excellency once again for his extraordinary work in making our country, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, a better place every day. The excellent leadership work that his Excellency exercises every day in the international political context, allows Equatorial Guinea to have a great place in the international position today.

It is being a particularly complicated year, with the dire consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic stalking our country and with the terrible explosions on March 7 in our beloved city of Bata. However, his stoic attitude of Excellence, always fighting for the name of Equatorial Guinea to shine in the atmosphere of the international context, continues to position us as a reference in the Central African region.

On this special day, your 79th birthday, I would like once again to thank him from the heart for all his work, as well as the hard work and success by and for the people of Equatorial Guinea, advancing day after day under the motto of Unity, Peace. and Justice. FOR A BETTER GUINEA.

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